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Training Your Dream Dog 

We're excited to announce that we have teamed up with Colorado dog trainers Dog Dynamix!

Click on the link below to be taken to our exclusive Dog Dynamix "Finney Ranch Dream Dogs" page. These training options are great for you if you're looking for extensive boarding and training, helping your pup become the best dog they can be! Their entire staff is passionate about nurturing the dog/owner relationship and improving the quality of life for your new companion. Training doesn't happen just on the puppies' end either - people need just as much training! The trainers at Dog Dynamix will work with you so you have all the tools you'll need when the program is over. 

The pups below are Willow and Maple. Both are members of the #FinneyRanchPack and absolutely great examples of well-trained canine citizens. Their dog mom Audrey Jeane started training them young and both pups have spent time at Dog Dynamix completing their board and train program. You can follow their adventures on their Instagram accounts - Maple's account is linked below.

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Dog Dynamix Training: About

This has been the most amazing experience for both me and my puppy, Maple. Every single person training and working with Maple were incredible. Not only did Maple love going to puppy school, but the progress and process of teaching at Dog Dynamics was immeasurable. Maple was part of their perfect puppy program. Despite the long stays away from me (14 days at 12 weeks and then 21 days at 6 months), I would suggest it to anyone who has a puppy or owns a dog.

The 21 days board and train to teach Maple off-leash training was incredible. She returned a very well-trained dog that did exactly as they promised- a dog that was able to be off leash-even in the midst of great distractions. I can now confidently take Maple on off-leash walks anywhere, take her to lunches and dinners without fear of continuing discipline or constant power struggle. Maple listened intently, obeys promptly, and loved unconditionally.

I can’t recommend these guys enough!! Even if you can do their smaller classes- I highly recommend it! Their love and care for the dogs is exactly at the level it needs to be. The facility is always clean and Maple always returned home a happy puppy. She’s now almost 7 months old and I can rely on her training and manners to shine through.

I keep up her training skills daily and she just gets better and better every day! This was the best investment I could make for both Maple’s future and mine. Everything about this program and these trainers deserve 5 stars.

Audrey Jeane

Dog Dynamix Training: Testimonials
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