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It's Selection Day!

The second most exciting day in the process...right after Gotcha Day, of course!

Selection Day happens when the puppies are five weeks old. At this point, you've gotten weekly photo updates on social media and have most likely made your favorite picks. Shannon will be visiting the Reserve List and going in numerical order. Stay close to your phone, because when we reach out, you'll be able to tell her who you'd like to bring home!

All puppies stay an additional three weeks after Selection Day. At this point, they're weaning and learning how to eat solid food. They're getting outside more (weather depending) and learning proper socialization and play skills from their mother and littermates. Please note, we follow Pat Schaap's Rule of 7 here at the ranch while the puppies are with us.

Now that you've picked your new family member, head on over to "Pack Member Resources". You can also join your Litter Group on our Spaces App!

Following Selection, you will receive an email from Kaitlin (support@finney-ranch) with details about next steps, Gotcha Day, and inviting you to our exclusive training website. Here we have blog posts and a page full of recommendations as you start your new lives together. 


Gotcha Day Bags!

After Selection has completed, Kaitlin from Support will reach out to you to see which Gotcha Day bag you would like to have accompany your new puppy home!

Level One

​Inside your beautiful "Finney Ranch" zipped canvas bag, you'll receive:

  • 1.5 lb bag of NutriSource Small & Medium Breed or Large Breed Puppy food to get you started

  • One bag of NutriSource treats

  • Potty training booklet

  • Roll of poop bags

  • Several starter toys

  • Blanket with the scent of their mama, littermates, and the ranch for comfort

  • Folder containing Vet Paperwork, Microchip Information, Two-Year Health Warranty, and NutriSource and NuVet pamphlets

Everyone will receive this!

Level Two

Everything from Level One, plus the following:

  • Adjustable buckle collar

  • 5 foot rope leash - perfect length for training! (Tested and approved by Bella!)

  • Snuggle Puppy!

Option is $40 added to your invoice.

(The Snuggle Puppy alone is a $39.99 value - so you're getting a great deal!)

Click here to learn about the Snuggle Puppy and its benefits!

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