It's Selection Day!

The second most exciting day in the process...right after Gotcha Day, of course!

Selection Day happens when the puppies are five weeks old. At this point, you've gotten weekly photo updates on social media and have most likely made your favorite picks. Shannon will be visiting the Reserve List and going in numerical order. Stay close to your phone, because when she calls you, you'll be able to tell her who you'd like to bring home!

All puppies stay an additional three weeks after Selection Day. At this point, they're weaning and learning how to eat solid food. They're getting outside more (weather depending) and learning proper socialization and play skills from their mother and littermates. 

Now that you've picked your new family member, head on over to "Pack Member Resources". Here you can join your Litter Group and check out our Recommendations so you're all set for when they come home!