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Step One

Please take some time to fill out the Reservation Form. This will help us get to know you and pair you with the best litter / puppy! 

After completion, please head on down to Step Two to submit your deposit! 

If you have any questions, please email Kaitlin at or call Shannon at 218-762-8151.

Reservation Form: Text


  • Please make sure you read all about our process before you fill out the form below. CLICK HERE.

  • If you still have questions and not yet ready to put down a deposit, please contact us by clicking the "I STILL HAVE QUESTIONS" button below.

  • If you are ready to become part of the #FinneyRanchPack, click "I'M READY!"

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Step Two

Reservation Form: Text

Scan to pay via Venmo

Scan in your Venmo app to pay for puppy deposit and/or remaining balance for your new Finney Ranch Pup!! 

Venmo - $300 deposit

Please do not select Goods and Services as this removes fees from your deposit.

Reservation Form: Image
Reservation Form: Image
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