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Hello ! My name is Anastasia Mickelson! I am first and for most a daughter of the Most High; wife to my amazing turkey farming husband; mother and homeschool teacher of Olivia, Jack, and Weston; and caregiver of my precious pups Sophie, Sayde, Buddy, and Jazzy. And I get to have this stellar gig of being able to help with bringing FinneyRanch puppies to their new homes! What a awesome gig it is!

  • Official Litter Mate
    Official Litter Mate
    Congratulations! You've got an extended furry family!
  • Finney Ranch Pack
    Finney Ranch Pack
    Welcome to our Finney Ranch Pack Family! Please keep in touch with all of us!
  • Pack Leader
    Pack Leader
    Congratulations! You are an integral part of keeping this pack organized and moving!
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Anastasia Mickelson

Official Litter Mate
Finney Ranch Pack
Pack Leader
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