Great Toys/Enrichment Products

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Tip: Don't overbuy before your puppy comes home! I totally made that mistake with Bella. I even have a full container in my closet filled with toys that I transfer out. A lot of items have been donated too. Pick up just a few staple toys and see what your new puppy gravitates towards! They might like squeaky over crinkly, soft over tough, noisy over get the point!

Frozen Kongs: Fill with some goodies and pop it in the freezer for a while. The added challenge of the items being frozen can keep your pup occupied and happy for a while! Check out the Kong sizing information for safety.

Teething: Benebones, antlers, frozen towels, cold baby carrots, ice cubes. All great chewing options for your teething pup!

Fun toys, linked for examples:

Chuck-it thrower


Tennis balls/squeaker balls

Wobble Wag Ball (fun but annoying noise)

Squeaky pig (same thing)

Flirt pole

No stuffing squeaky toys,