Our Pack Leaders

While Erik is with the cattle and Shannon is busy with the puppies and their moms, they have a large support team so that their attention can be on the health and well-being of their beloved animals and family!

Taylor is one of our daughters and a hard worker. Anything she needs to do around the ranch, Taylor's on it! Minnie and Maggie are especially spoiled by her and sleep with her every night.

Ruthie is another one of our daughters. She heads up our Puppy Nanny pack! When a pup needs to fly by plane to his or her new forever home, Ruthie's your girl!

Our niece Paige has been working with us for a couple of years now. She is loved by all the dogs (and people) on the ranch! She is a talented groomer and helps get our pups picture perfect and ready for their forever homes. She has an adorable poodle from Faris' summer 2020 litter, Gucci.

Dylan, Gracie, and Heather are a tremendous help around here! We don't know what we'd do without these fantastic ladies! They all assist with the daily tasks, some of which include cleaning pens, feeding, checking weights, and loving on all the puppies.

Dylan is the dog mom and Guardian Home to Remi, one of our breeding females!

Gracie is the dog mom and Guardian Home to Chick.

Heather, our daughter-in-law, is the dog mom and Guardian Home to Dolly!

Learn more about our beautiful females here and our Guardian Homes here.

Anastasia doesn't live near the ranch, but that doesn't mean she's not a huge part of it! One of our close friends, she supports us by helping with Gotcha Day! She will be there with you as you pick up your pup and get ready to travel home together. She can also help you kickstart basic training! Information here.

Veronica lives closer to the Twin Cities, and many times will host Gotcha Day in her yard in Edina! She's a close friend and owner of Hillside Doodles.

Audrey Jeane got her dog, Maple Jeane, from us in April 2020. In June she traveled to the ranch for the first time to start her photography series on the family titled Finding Finney. Since then, she's become a staple at the ranch and a true example of "this is more than just puppies"! She recently brought home her second Finney Ranch puppy, Willow Jeane. Audrey Jeane has introduced us to the fantastic training team, Dog Dynamix, who we've since partnered with. While her home is in Colorado, she's certainly a ranch girl at heart.

Kaitlin brought home her dog, Bella, in June of 2020. She made her way to the ranch for the first time in February of 2021 so she could start documenting our everyday lives on video! She's since been able to make the trip to Chicago several more times. Visit our YouTube page to learn more about Finney Ranch. Along with that, she supports us by assisting with the website, emails, and social media accounts.