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Basic Training: Image

Price: $400/week

Two-week minimum

While there is a two-week minimum, going three or more weeks is the best way to set up for success! 

The first week is really an adjustment period for your young puppy. Not much extra basic training happens during this time as your puppy is learning how to be away from their siblings.
However, during this first week they do continue their crate training that started at the ranch and begin potty training.

Much more is accomplished after that initial week! Our Trainer will work on the following. Please note that some of these cues are time-dependent, as well as if the puppy is capable of learning a specific command at that age.

-Continue crate training

-Continue potty training

-Name recognition (please provide us with the name you'd like to call your puppy at home)

-Basic "sit", "down", "stay" commands

-Socialization, exposure, and desensitization to various places and sounds

-Collar and leash training (getting used to the weight and pressure during a walk)

Longer-term training:

-"Sit", "down", "stay" commands

-More involved leash training

-Proper "heel" while leash walking

-"Leave it", "drop it", and "place" commands

-Continued socialization, exposure, and desensitization to various places and sounds

We train using positive reinforcement. While we don't use a clicker, we do rely on a marker word. 

During your puppy's extra stay, you will get frequent updates!

At the end, your trainer will go over everything your pup has learned with them. It is your job after that to keep up with these foundations! Reinforcement is key at this young age.

If you would like to book your stay or ask more questions, please reach out to Kaitlin at or call Shannon at 218-762-8151.

Basic Training: About

Puppy: Franks
Peggy D.

Anastasia only had our little guy for 2 weeks (from 8-10 weeks old) but we’ve said many times that it was so worth it!  He came to us fully crate trained through the night, he reliably knew sit and down commands, and he just needed a few weeks of our guidance with the potty training. She was wonderful with him and sent us photos and texts throughout his time with her. We highly recommend!

Basic Training: Testimonials
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