Remi's Litter

F1bb Aussiedoodles
20-25 pounds
These puppies were named by Dylan after some of her favorite horse coat colors! She's one of our fantastic Finney Ranch Pack Leaders and Remi's dog mom!

Parents: Remi and Jude
Born: Sunday, August 21
Selection Day: September 25
Gotcha Day: October 16


Quartz's Litter

F1 Aussiedoodles

25-40 pounds

These puppies were named by Kaitlin, one of our Finney Ranch Pack Leaders. She's a big fan of movies! This litter was named after her favorite Olivia Newton-John movie, Grease!

Parents: Quartz and Porter

Born: Monday, August 22
Selection Day: September 26

Gotcha Day: October 17

The pups take after their movie counterparts:

Donny, Kinickie, Sonny, and Putzie are boys and the rest are girls!


Minnie's Litter

F1 Aussiedoodles
20-30 pounds
These puppies were named by Taylor, keeping with the "M" theme!  Minnie is Taylor Finney's special pup :)

Parents: Minnie and Winslow
Born: Wednesday, August 25
Selection Day: September 28
Gotcha Day: October 19