Frequently Asked Questions


What is F1? F1B? F1BB?

F1 is an Australian Shepherd and Poodle mix. 50% Aussie 50% Poodle

F1b is an F1 Aussiedoodle with Poodle. 75% Poodle 25% Aussie

F1bb is an F1b Aussiedoodle with Poodle. 87.5% Poodle 12.5% Aussie (approximately)

"B" stands for "backcross".

What is the best option for my allergies?

Every dog is different. We know people with allergies who aren't affected by the F1 breeding, and others who are. If you have severe dog allergies, choosing the option with "more poodle" could be better for you. You're still getting the best of both worlds with these beautiful breeds!

What do the sizes mean?

Toy - these puppies could mature between 10-20 pounds

Mini - these puppies could mature between 15-30 pounds

Standard - these puppies could mature between 30-70 pounds. Charlotte, one of our standard female poodles, produces larger puppies, with the majority of our other standard females producing puppies that will mature 25-45 pounds.

Moyen - this is a poodle term meaning "medium". They're typically between the mini and standard weights at 20-30 pounds.

You can see all our females and males by clicking here.

Can you give me more information on the  Aussiedoodle breed?

The DoodleDoods website is a great reference! 

Where are you located?

We live on a beautiful cattle ranch in Lancaster, MN, just south of the Canadian border. Here's where we are in comparison to the big cities!

Why should I choose you?

During their eight weeks with us, they spend lots of time with their moms, littermates, and us. They're taught proper socialization skills as they play and tumble with their mom and siblings. They have around-the-clock care from us to make sure they grow up healthy and strong before they make their way to their forever home. They're also introduced to human love, handling, and noises right from the very beginning. When the kids need a study buddy or a visitor stops by, it's not surprising to see a puppy being held!

We truly love all our puppies as if they're family. They are all given unique names. They're still too young to recognize their names when they're with us, but it's a fun way for us to show our love for them.

Our males and females are all health-tested and we would be happy to share this information with you.

We have been so blessed. We feel that Finney Ranch is really "more than just puppies". Through the puppies we have placed in homes, we have helped create lifelong companions and have made beautiful lifelong connections.

I have more questions.

Click here and we'll be happy to help you out!