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License # MN 173456


Costs Of Puppies

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Membership to Dog Dynamix FB training page.

Deposit applied to the total cost of your pup.

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Cost of Puppy


Puppy Nanny


-Service fee of $500 for Nanny

-$125 airline for puppy (can change based on airline fees)

-Note that the cost of an airline ticket for nanny NOT included.

Please note: Only for those unable to pickup in:

Fargo, Grand Forks, & Minneapolis

Click here to learn more about our fabulous Puppy Nanny Pack.


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Our Instagram feed is below! You can scroll through here to see all the new updates on pups, the ranch, and our pack updates! You can also get to our Instagram page by the IG icon!


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Welcome to our Finney Ranch Pack Forum! We have seen so many of our customers keep in touch with litter mates and wanted to provide a better home for you to communicate! We would also love to see your pup updates and hear your puppy adventures!


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Please watch the video for information on how to use our Wix Spaces app! 

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"The Fine Print"

*We care about the health and well-being of our puppies long after they leave us, therefore Finney Ranch has the right to take back any puppy they believe is not being cared for properly, meeting the health standards, and/or being used for breeding without proper breeding rights.*
*Finney Ranch reserves the right to the first pick of any litter.*
*Deposits are non-refundable.*